Below the line marketing, highly targeted direct marketing focused on conversions, which will be more impact on the best responses and conversions

Merchandising: - Influencing consumer's decisions with the promotion of particular sale that can employ pricing, effective offers implementation, display, which impacts on the sales increment which in turn generates revenue. Merchandising accomplishment Never compromising principles unique sourcing which is something advanced, which will be a massive impact on the targeted audiences/ market The particular product range will be merchandised with the concern of age, sex, and palate of the target market

Promoters/ Sales representatives: - Key role at a retail chain/ brand which will expand the scope of businesses with honest and confident excellent customer demonstration. Crucial drive We trust 4p’s will be a game-changer in this role which can be derived

Product: - Being familiar with the entire category product line that falls in.

Placement: - To be located in high shopper’s density areas with positioning eye level of specific goods.

Price: - Dealing with discount offering area comparative with competitors’ price. As price factor plays a vital role in customers purchase

Decisions promotion: - Being aware of all promotional aspects much impacts on intensifying conversion ratio Competent advice to the consumers

Management information system (Mis): - Backbone of the organization's operations, data extracted from various sources, and derive insights that drive business growth